Live-Lead Connections      
    The main purpose of a lead generation campaign is not only to bring in more customers, but to develop and sustain a network of profitable clientele who not only return to your business, but also refer you to others and serve as beacons of growth and success. At Expert Lead Source we truly understand the importance of high potential real time leads that will add valuable contributions to your bottom line.

Live-Lead Connections© (also referred to as Live Transfers) from Expert Lead Source are just that-- real time in spirit and form. They are 100% live, carefully verified, and subtly qualified by our trained and experienced lead generation experts prior to being delivered to you.

Every Live-Lead Connection is pre-screened. This lead program also embodies the added advantage of exclusivity. Your Live-Lead Connections are fresh, live, and are generated exclusively for you. They are never resold to others. We build these leads exclusively only for you based on a profile you provide.

Why spend thousands of dollars on email opt-ins or cold-call generated leads that have probably been sold to a half-dozen other companies before being recycled to you? Call and speak to one of our marketing consultants who will show you why investing in our real time leads is the most worthwhile business decision you will ever make!

Additionally we strongly feel this program will prove to you that our carefully procured premium leads are not only of superior quality in every respect, but also a long-term investment. Live-Lead Connections from Expert Lead Source are transferred to you using over-the-horizon live-transfer technology.

Once a prospect is identified and expertly screened by our trained lead consultants, it is transferred to you live, in real time. You no longer have to call your prospects-they call you once they are stringently matched by us based on a profile you provide.

We offer Live-Lead Connections to a variety of verticals, including:
Bankruptcy Lawyers   Attorney Models
Contractors   Loan Modification Experts
Debt Agents   Merchant Cash Advance Experts
Education Recruiters   Mortgage Brokers
Insurance Agents   Payday Loan Specialists
Investors   Plus Many More!


High-converting leads delivered in real-time
Inbound Calls w/ 100% Contact Rate
Exclusive & Customer Initiated
Generated from premium traffic sources including internet (Google/Bing/Yahoo), radio & postal media.
Guaranteed Validity on Every Call
High Sales Potential with Fully Customizable Criteria
Available “Call-Spacing” Lead Flow
Dedicated Account Management team
Our platform integrates with Leads360, LeadROI, Lead Mailbox, & other commercial or personal CRM devices

Additionally you can choose to target and reach customers in those states you’re licensed in along with applying available credentials and filter settings that will help your program launch successfully.
  Call-Spacing Lead Flow      
    Another feature available. Call-Spacing Lead Flow allows you to appropriately space your calls apart for set intervals of your choice. You have several options with call-spacing, such as 1 call every 10 minutes, 1 call every 30 minutes, and so on. If you can’t get to the call, that’s ok! The call will get transferred to one of our other customers and you will not be billed for that lead.

Give our valued Live-Lead Connection program careful thought and you will realize that what we offer is not only difficult to replicate at the price we offer, but that it makes perfectly logical sense from every angle!
    Call us today and speak with a friendly marketing representative who will answer any questions you may have and assist you in getting started.      



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