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    At Expert Lead Source, every single lead is verified and documented thus generating not only a qualified lead but also a verifiable paper trail. Our phone verified leads are based on a in-depth pre-screening process during which our trained consultants ask specific questions to qualify the prospect. Contact information such as name, complete mailing address, phone numbers, e-mail address, and other critical data are gathered and recorded.

People actively inquiring online or through the web either via a form or call-in request, or hearing a radio ad and looking for a company like yours then undergo the pre-screened application process with us before being sent to your business for the requested follow-up. This all happens after the customer fills out a form online, calls the 800# number, or responds to a commercial and calls in. The prospect is then screened by a real agent and delivered directly to your business with an indicated call-back time.

Our Express Lead Post program offers businesses an economical approach to acquiring a responsive lead, as you are speaking to someone who expressed an inquiry and carries a high level of interest.

Our phone verified Express Lead Post program is not only hot; they are first classified and briefed by one of our experienced Phone Verification Consultants prior to being transferred to you. We develop each programs inception with you, the client, in mind. They are yours to use and are never resold or recycled.

Leads are generated by highly trained and competent lead consultants who really know the business and possess the ability to intuitively sense your needs. This is precisely why our phone verified leads are always a perfect match that inspires our customers to come back for more.

Our leads are perfect for promoting a wide range of business professionals such as:
Bankruptcy Lawyers   Attorney Models
Contractors   Loan Modification Experts
Debt Agents   Merchant Cash Advance Experts
Education Recruiters   Mortgage Brokers
Insurance Agents   Payday Loan Specialists
Investors   Plus Many More!


Instant Feeds & Delivery
Total Program Exclusivity
Accuracy via Double Data Filtration
Consistent w/ Modest Conversions
Economically Priced Marketing
Fully Customizable Criteria

Our premium Express Lead Post leads are highly affordable, expertly sourced, and methodically crafted to transform your phone lines into power lines of profitability and long-lasting business success! So the next time you decide to expand your sales force or increase business flow and seek after quality leads; speak to one of the marketing representatives at Expert Lead Source and request more information or get started today!

The best way to learn more about our phone verified Express Lead Post program is to contact us or give us a call and speak with one of our marketing consultants to discuss your specific needs and share information with you regarding your customer profile. So, why not call a Lead Consultant and see for yourself how we can propel you way ahead of your competition by equipping your sales team with a complete leads generation package that has been customized and tailored to your specifications.



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